Acitives in Nepal

Nepal is place which is full of activities that one can do and can enjoy themselves.

Whether it is a ballon, bungy jumping, canyon, ice-climbing, rock climbing or fly an ultralight, you will find each day adventures in Nepal. More over the guests can also do trekking, rafting/kayaking, biking and jungle safari to make their journey more adventures and mysterious.

In the recent years, there has been a surge of extreme sports to the small Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. So you can now come and experience some of the most physically and mentally challenging action sports in this astonishing city.

Bungy Jumping

One of the most interesting sports which are liked by everyone is bungy jumping. It is mostly done in in the hilly areas. As we know that Nepal has one the highest peaks in the world i.e., The Himalayan mountain range. One can get the best view that is imaginable in paradise for bungy jumping.

After three and a half hour ride from Kathmandu, the capital of the city Nepal. It offers the longest free fall till date.

This ultimate bungy jumping in Nepal takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhoti Kosi River.

The Swiss is designed especially for bungy jumping keeping 4x safety factor in mind. The loading factor of this bridge is 41,500kgs or 4.5 tones and it is also a privately owned bridge. Locals need to walk five hours to cross this river gorge before the constructing of this bridge.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is the latest adventure sport of Nepal that draws a huge attention of tourist every year. Nepal is also famously known as "Shangrilla". Taking up this adventures sport; one can view the Himalayas as well as fly up above the Shangrilla to feel it.

It was started in the year 2000 by the increasing demand of the tourist. This spectacular view becomes unforgettable when it goes over the red-tile roofed houses, temples and stupas and weightlessly over green terraced fields.

Having a one hour ride on this hot air balloon will leave you with memories forever.

It mainly works from the first week of the October through the end of the April.

So let's come and enjoy this thrilling and adventures sport in one the most beautiful place in the world and have never ending memories.

Mountain Flight

Nepal offers the awe inspiring views of the highest mountain ranges in the whole world. Mountain flight is the right and quickest answer for one to be up-close with the Himalayan range.

From the time of the takeoff, the aircraft will head in an eastward direction, almost immediately a range of peaks will be set before you beginning with Gosaithan which stands at 8,013 meters into the sky. On the right lies the Kathmandu Valley beneath the towering Phurbi Chyachu. Immediately thereafter you will notice Choba Bhamare, although much smaller in comparison to Everest sitting at only 5,993 meters it still to this day has not been conquered. According to legend the Hindus believe that Mt. Gaurishanker (7,134 meters) is protected by Lord Shiva and his companion Parvati. The flight then moves toward the eastern Himalayas where a series of mountains follow. Along the last stretch you will view exciting close ups of mountains such as Gyachungkang, Pumori (7,161 meters), Nuptse (7,855 meters) and finally the Grandfather of all, Everest, or as commonly known by the Nepalese 'Sagarmatha'.

The duration of the mountain flight in Nepal is exactly the same as the balloon ride, the difference is that you will cover a lot more area in camera range of some of the most incredible scenes. Nothing can explain the emotions, sensations and thoughts that race through your mind as you glide just meters away from some of the most incredible rock masses and natural ice sculptures on the mountain faces.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safaris in Nepal are a fantastic way to explore the jungle and also gives an opportunity to see the wildlife and their natural habitat from a close view. Nepal offers many exciting Elephant Safari in its National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.

The Royal Bardiya National Park and The Royal Chitwan National Park are the two famous national park in Nepal that offer the Elephant Safaris. These national parks are idea for spotting the Bengal tiger, one horned rhino, sloth bear, langur monkeys, wild boar and many other kinds of animals.

Whilst on these safaris, you can also enjoy other activities such as bird watching, jungle walks and boat rides. There will be trained guides that will be accompanying you throughout your journey.  

Water Sports

Nepal offers an excellent opportunity for water sports. Rafting, canoeing and fishing are some the popular water sports in Nepal. You can glide along a calm, sparkling water that is surrounded by magnificent sceneries.

Rafting in Nepal is truly spectacular with lush tropical gorges that will give you a roller-coaster ride in your life. The rivers in the upper Himalayas are among the best in the world for river rafting sports, with many staircase rapids that challenge the body and spirit of anyone.

Kayaking is another enjoyable water sport in Nepal. It is usually done individually and has been become increasingly popular. It is made from a special type of a plastic and also has a flotation device in it. It moves with a double blade paddle in water so that it is able to move smoothly through the challenging obstacles in the river.

Nepal also has a number of fishing spots. It is also ranked as world's second richest country in water resources with a number of rivers and lakes that are ideal for fishing and angling.

Nepal is the perfect adventure destination for water sport lovers.

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