Activities in Maldives

Maldives is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and serenity. Blue lagoons, coral reefs and numerous islands are hallmarks of this picturesque archipelago. Situated in the lap of the sea, the country is a hotbed of water sports. Resorts and hotels have expert trainers and facilities to help guests in participating in different activities such as diving, kayaking, water skiing, jet skiing, etc.

Further, various Spa and Ayurveda facilities are also available at the different resorts prevailing here. Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy seaplane photo flights for enchanting views.

Diving of Maldives

The turquoise waters surrounding Maldives are home to nearly 3000 coral reefs. The Maldivian waters are home to numerous species of fish and aquatic species. Visitors will feel enthralled on witnessing sharks and mantas.

Diving facilities are available at different resorts of the island country. Experienced dive instructors help you experience the underwater beauty. Diving in the house reefs is highly preferred by visitors. Night dives are vastly popular as rarely seen creatures can be witnessed in the dazzling ambience.

Water sports of Maldives

Due to Maldives' proximity to the sea, water sports are highly favored by locals and visitors alike. Sports centers are present in different resorts dotting the archipelago. They contain masks, snorkels and boards of different sizes as desired by travelers.

Guests can also enjoy different activities like kayaking, kite-surfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing and parasailing.


Surfing enthusiasts would love the Maldivian waters in the period ranging from June to September. The period witnesses waves swelling to heights of 3-8 feet and thus fulfilling the fantasies of surfers. Popular surf breaks include those in North and South Male Atoll. Surf cruises are provided by various cruise operators.

Excursions of Maldives

Local Islands: Visit the local islands to experience the Maldivian way of life. Life in the inhabited islands revolves around activities like agriculture, fishing and fish related manufacturing. Souvenirs and local handicrafts are also available here.

Night Fishing: Fishing is practiced by most of the Maldivian populace. Maldivian fishermen are highly adept and use the fishing pole and line in various artistic ways.

A night reef fishing trip is highly desired by visitors. The boat crew guides visitors regarding different methods of catching fish.

Uninhabited Islands: More than 1190 unpopulated Maldivian islands are examples of exceptional beauty. This serene and unexplored part of nature will bedazzle you to no end. Undisturbed natural sounds and a clear sky are hallmarks encountered during visits to this region.

One can also explore a desert island for some unique experiences. Dazzling beaches, lush greenery and a backdrop of specks of emerald green coined together present a fascinating ambience.

Spa and Wellness of Maldives

Enjoying some breathtaking views amidst the dazzling waves offer a sensual delight. Relaxation of the highest order can be felt while undergoing a soothing experience in the spa services of the islands.

The special spa programs have incorporated traditional healing procedures along with professionally prevailing methodologies. Nearly all Maldivian resorts, set amidst enchanting surroundings usually contain a spa center. Further, some of these centers are built underwater or even on a lagoon.

Maldivian virgin coconut oil is utilized by the islanders as its health benefits are highly renowned. Visitors would love the treatment meted out through the use of gandakolhi leaf to treat aches. Maldivian sand massage is another highly favored procedure to offer relaxation and strength to muscles.

Seaplane Photo flights

Visitors can enjoy some breathtaking sightseeing especially on observing the Maldivian archipelago from the sky. Relish seaplane photo flights while watching the serene waves and lush greenery prevailing on the island.

Photography enthusiasts will revel in various opportunities they receive to use their lenses from various angles. Amongst unrivaled photo opportunities, this magical journey will truly enthrall visitors.

Along with scintillating scenery, visitors would be bedazzled while sighting lagoons, pristine islands, fishing villages and the miraculous waves. Aquatic life here includes dolphins, mantas and sting rays amongst others.

List of Maldives Resorts

Total Numbers : (12) Resort(s)

Conrad Rangali Island Maldives

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Luxury

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Region : Baa Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic

Fun Island Resort

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Dive Resort,Families,Long Stay Ambiance : Romantic ,Casual,Family

Iru Fushi Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : Noonu Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations,Dive Resort,Water Sport Ambiance : Romantic ,Luxury,Casual

Kandooma Maldives

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,Families Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Rustic,Casual,Family

Rihiveli Beach Resort Maldives

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Wave Surfing,Dive Resort Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Rustic,Casual,Family

Centara Grand Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Casual,Family

Angsana Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : North Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations,Dive Resort Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Luxury

Kuredu Island Resort Maldives

Region : Lhaviyani Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,spa & relaxations,Long Stay Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic

Sheraton Resort and Spa Maldives

Region : North Male Atoll Recommended : Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations,Dive Resort,Water Sport,Families,Meeting & Conferences Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Luxury,Family

Sun Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : South Ari Atoll Recommended : Honeymooners ,Business Stay,Water Sport,Families,Long Stay,Meeting & Conferences Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Casual,Family

Paradise Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : North Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Luxury Holidays,Business Stay,Families Ambiance : Quiet ,Business