Activities of Bhutan

Bhutan is the child of nature and has been bestowed with exemplary beauty. Home to lofty Himalayan peaks, serene valleys and mighty rivers, this land of magical purity is paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Sports lovers would be overwhelmed with the opportunities available for activities such as mountain biking, trekking and fishing tours.

Ornithologists can enjoy to their wits end as they witness countless bird species in the country's varied landscape. Festivals in the country are times of excessive fun when the country's traditions can be fully experienced.

Mountain biking

Serene Ecology and a robust mountain air welcome adventure enthusiasts to this breathtaking land. The country is highly traditional and guests would love to explore its high passes and mountainous routes.

Mountain biking champions would appreciate the natural challenges and picturesque beauty engulfing the beautiful surroundings. The west-east highway with passes up to 3000 meters offers the requisite adrenaline rush.

Fishing tour

Sitting in the lap of Himalayas, Bhutan has a reservoir of fishes thriving in its mighty glacial rivers. However, as the country recently opened for tourism, its fishing destinations remain largely unexplored. Inadequate surveys till date have revealed nearly forty species of fishes.

Pristine streams and the large rivers of the country are filled with varieties of fishing spots. These are located at altitudes ranging from 1200 m to 3000 m. Commonly the brown and snow trout thrive in the waters. Anglers would love the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) seasons for fishing purposes. Breathtaking panoramas all around add to the joy of fishing.

Festival Tours

Festivals in the Himalayan kingdom are performed with fervor and enthusiasm by the locals. Bhutanese culture is exemplified through the numerous ceremonies and the Tsechus are highly renowned. These unique festivals are concerned with honoring the revered Guru Rimpoche on account of his decisive actions. Dzongs are the sacred places marked for these festivals and they witness large gatherings of locals and tourists. Religious costume dances and prayers are a central part of the festive season. The dances are related to historic and sacred Buddhist victories as participants are dressed in bright silks, rich brocade and ornate hats.

Another beautiful sight is the Atsaras - clowns in masks who joke and mock sacred figures and common people alike. Enjoy the games played by the locals and savor local cuisines along with some sumptuous alcohol. The Tsechus usually end through the blessings offered by the high Lama. Relish the festive atmosphere amongst diverse crowds, majestic fortresses, enchanting mantras, dances, artistic magic and the exotic mountain air.

Bird watching tours

The landlocked kingdom of Bhutan is home to nearly 667 species of birds. A vast number of endangered species are also found here. Due to 70% of forest cover, the country is an ornithologist's delight. Strict conservation policies followed by the government, diverse natural regions and dense tropical jungles are responsible for safety of the avifauna population.

A rich variety of habitats such as tropical forests, Himalayan forests of fir, spruce and broadleaf forests witness several bird species thronging them.

Trekking Tours

Trekking in delight is a much needed challenge to the adventure enthusiast, especially in the Himalayas. In Bhutan, trek routes carry through villages and historic trade routes. Astounding views and breathtaking beauty would accompany visitors throughout the sojourn. Our trained crew would consistently offer professional help to the travelers. Guests’ gear would be placed upon horses and yaks accompanying the trip.

List of Bhutan Journeys