Activities of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is place which is full of activities that one can do and can enjoy themselves. Whether it is a rock climbing, mountain biking, ballooning or water rafting, you will find each day adventures in Sri Lanka. More over the guests can also do trekking, rafting/kayaking, biking and jungle safari to make their journey more adventures and mysterious. So you can now come and experience some of the most physically and mentally challenging action sports in this astonishing city.


Cycling must be one of the most challenging and physically demanding adventure sports you have ever indulged in. Cycling arguably offers the best way to explore Sri Lanka and a great way to see the real country and gives the proximity to people, culture and landscape that is unparalleled. Cycling through rice fields and villages to see 700-years-old temples is an absorbing experience.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Sri Lanka has an abundance of rivers, lagoons, reservoirs etc. which provides the relaxing setting for canoeing or kayaking. The Kalu Ganga which flows from central hills snakes its way to the west coast town of Kalutara and a canoe/kayak ride on this river is a chance to see the banks which are dotted by rare fauna and flora. There are many reservoirs in the island mainly the Samanalawewa reservoir in the Sabaragamuwa province (in Belihul Oya) has hotels which provide canoes and kayaks and a guide on request.

The sport of kayaking is twofold as a kayak ride on a river, reservoir, sea or lagoon is a relatively relaxing form of recreation but another facet of kayaking is white water kayaking which is an adrenalin fuelling activity. This is a relatively new sport around the world rated as the epitome of adventure sports, it involves descending a stream as it drops over waterfalls and boulders. That's what we can offer you. We do have lower ranged waterfalls with the equal measure of breath-taking scenery for the faint hearted.

Hiking and Trekking

There's no better way to explore the natural scenic beauty of this island which is blessed with diverse climatic zones. Trekking is an excellent way to explore a country, people, their traditions and beliefs. Paths and campsites have been selected to give nature lovers the experience of a lifetime. All measures are taken to ensure local community benefit and nature conservation in keeping with all international camping guidelines.

An exhilarating trek which takes approximately 6 hrs is highly recommended starting from Belihul-Oya with its magnificent environs leading to the Horton Plains which is also a nature reserve dotted with unique fauna and flora, wild life and waterfalls. It is situated 2,134m above sea level climaxing in the Worlds End an amazing escarpment which drops 328m vertically and falls away a further 1.312m. On a clear day one can view the Balangoda Town (in 'Lilliputian' form) which is directly below.

The many paths within the cultural triangle such the old path from Minneriya to Sigiriya (27 km probability 9 hrs) give a glimpse of the irrigation system and the uninhabited jungle life of the dry zone. Trekking in the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary in close proximity to Adam's Peak offers a diversified experience as it is home to a plethora of rare birds, leopard, deer and jackal.

There are a few words of advice which is to ascertain the ideal time for hiking or trekking in the varied location; it is wise to avoid the monsoon rains due to muddy terrain and leeches.

Rock Climbing

The exhilaration of standing on the summit of a mountain is only a sliver of the total enjoyment and satisfaction that one achieves from mountaineering. Mountaineering is an adventure sport that requires assiduous skills and levels of fitness that few other adventure sports can match. For those raring to explore; the mountain ranges offer breath taking, enthralling, climbing routes. Climbing is all about discovering nature. Join Sri Lanka's climbing expeditions for spine tingling encounters combining rafting and sailing.

Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Buttala, Horton plains provide the rock climbers with necessary wonderment and adventure.

Mountain Biking

Sri Lanka's mountainous terrain is among the finest of the world's biking sites. Among the slopes, valleys and the tea plantations are tracks and trails that will beckon the avid mountain biker. Tours range from lush tea estates to caves, rain forests, ancient temples, reservoirs etc. slopes, valleys and the tea plantations are tracks and trails that will attract any mountain biker. Tours range from lush tea estates to caves, rain forests, ancient temples, reservoirs etc.

The majority of mountain biking tours are conducted in the Knuckles range with its verdant hills and challenging trails. Kital Ella near Bandarawela, a very attractive mountainous region overlooking the 'Namunukula' mountain range. At an altitude of 1230 metres, the mountainous area has an extremely pleasant climate, with warm (but not humid) days and cool nights. The environment is remarkably varied with something to satisfy everyone's taste. You can chose an apt trail and ride to your heart's content.


One can explore the beauty of this beautiful Island in a hot air balloon. We can view the elephants in their natural haitat without violating their privacy, fly over the placid lakes or get a bird's eye view of the Sigiriya Rock. Ancient lakes, wildlife and many more things can also be witnessed from hot air balloon.

The prime concern is the safety, the balloon rides are conducted by a team with a number of years of experience. Many ballooning flights originate mainly in the cultural triangle, taking-off close to Dambulla. The success of Hot Air Ballooning largely depends on weather conditions, therefore the ideal season is earmarked from October to April.

White Water Rafting

Sri Lanka's boulder stream rivers are the ideal setting for white water rafting. A thrilling way to experience the spectacular environs of this region. Many tours in this area inevitably include the adrenalin soaring sport of white water rafting. This pastime is ideal for the amateurs who wish to 'take the plunge' and for experts as well. The vista along the river is worth experiencing. Rafting has become a very popular and exciting adventure sport.

The Kelani River (one of the main rivers of Sri Lanka) flows through the Kitulgala's rock strewn sections and the rapids provide ample pleasure for the adventure sport of white water rafting. Main tours begin at Kithulgala and many tours are organized for a minimum of 01 hour or a maximum of half a day. The actual run takes about 90 minutes to complete with encounters of grade 2 and 3 rapids, bearing unique names such as Butter Crunch, Killer Falls, Head Chopper and Virgin's Breast!


Paragliding is an aero sport and its origin dates back to the 1940's. Since then, it has been rapidly increasing. People all over the world find this sport convenient, fun loving and a safe medium of soaring in the air.

Sri Lanka's physical features and climatic conditions are conductive to flying operations throughout the year.

Paragliding is offered at the Ella Adventure Park, which is a hotel situated in the wilds of Ella city. (202 km from Colombo, in the central hilly region, south of Nuwara Eliya, in close proximity to Bandarawela).

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