Activities of Tibet

Located in the lap of Himalayas, Tibet has been rewarded with some breathtaking beauty. Huge glacial rivers, waterfalls, grand mountain peaks and valleys enhance the serenity of this pristine land.

Sports lovers will have a whale of a time due to tremendous opportunities regarding adventure activities. Adventure enthusiasts can participate in adrenaline rushing exercises such as mountaineering, mountain biking, river activities and horseback riding.

Mountain Biking

This stunningly beautiful land offers supreme challenges to the adventurous youth due to its high mountain pathways and passes. Breathtaking cool air of the mountains doubles the challenge quotient.

Mountain biking activities have witnessed tremendous rise and the Friendship Highway from Nepal is highly frequented.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on the Tibetan plateau is a pleasurable adventure activity constantly on the rise. The adventure traveler would love the authentic experience of exploring Tibetan highlands on horseback; while enjoying the cultural milieu of the region.


Tibet is renowned for its astounding mountains and the presence of the iconic Mount Everest at its border is a welcome gift to mountaineering zealots. The lack of oxygen on the upper echelons of the supreme peaks will present a significant challenge to mountaineers and they should make proper preparations regarding it. Mountaineering in Tibet however requires additional permits.

River Activities

Water sports are gaining in popularity due to presence of mighty rivers in the Tibetan autonomous region. Activities such as kayaking and white water rafting are wholeheartedly practiced.

The deep azure waters of the area’s lakes are filled with amazing fishing spots. Presence of numerous species of fish draws hordes of tourists.

List of Tibet Journeys