City Guide of Maldives

Maldivian cities are the epitome of paradise. With crystal clear waters surrounding the archipelago, its cities bustle with serene beauty, pristine beaches and different spots for water sports. History buffs would love different museums and heritage monuments dotting the islands.

Maldivian cuisine is also a supreme treat for visitors. Guests would love to visit the inhabited islands and soak in the mystery of this paradise. Spa and Ayurvedic therapies offered at various resorts add to the overall cozy scene.


The bustling capital of Maldives, Male is the administrative and cultural center of the island nation. Various attractions like exemplary buildings, mosques, markets make up the beautiful capital. Along with being home to a commercial harbor, the major commercial activities also occur here.

One can visit the historic Sultan’s Palace which has metamorphosed into a museum. It houses a huge collection of royal souvenirs, emblems and old photographs. Holy sites such as the Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre witness huge crowds. One can witness iconic Arabic writings here.

Guests can tour Hulhumale Island neighboring a beautiful beach. One can try surfing activities on the serene waters. Other activities which guests can enjoy here include snorkeling and fishing.


The second largest island of the nation, Fuvahmulah is renowned for its diverse habitats like freshwater lakes, tropical wetlands, marshland areas and white sandy beaches.

The picturesque region is filled with supreme tourist spots. The panoramic beach of Thoondu offers some enchanting views. One can also visit the freshwater lake of Dhadimagi Kilhi and enjoy fascinating glimpses.

History buffs will be enthralled while touring ancient buildings like Gemmiskiy and The Havitta. Gemmisky holds a special place in the hearts of the Mohammedan population due to its status of being the first mosque on the island. The Havitta's historical significance stems from the fact of being iconic ruins of an erstwhile Buddhist Stupa. Another protected historical site is Kedeyre Miskiy.

Guests can also tour some traditional harbors like Neregando and Aruffanno.


The heart-shaped atoll of Addu is one of the most serene natural environments in the whole of Maldives. Nearly 24 natural islands make up the city and they were utilized as Air Force Base for the Royal Air Force of Britain during the deadly Second World War. A tropical climate pervades here and moderate winds are encountered. The city is a magnificent example of tradition and modernity existing side by side.

Lush green tropical forests are witnessed all over the islands. Other habitats include fresh water mangroves and marshlands. Wildlife involves different species comprising of fish and seabirds. Tourism and fisheries are the main businesses dominating here.


Lush vegetation is the trademark of Hithadhoo. The people here witness a life pretty close to natural surroundings and display very genial lifestyles. Virgin beaches and crystal clear sea waters are the hallmarks of this place. One of the biggest islands of the Maldives region, its famed on account of shark fishing activities and cargo work carried on here.

Fua Mulaku

The largest island of Maldives, Fua Mulaku bedazzles visitors on account of its turquoise waters and crystalline white sands. It is situated in the southern part of the Maldivian archipelago.

Highly fertile soil of this island is exceptionally suitable for producing highly favored fruits and vegetables. Some of the popular products grown here include pineapples, oranges and bananas


The island Rangalifinolhu is located on the southwestern perimeter of Ari Atoll, Maldive islands. Administratively, it is part of Alifu Dhaalu Atoll Division. It is connected with the Rangali Island through a 500 meter long bridge. One can enjoy sports like kayaking, diving and swimming can be practiced here.

Guests would feel mesmerized on witnessing a picturesque sunset. Crystal clear sea waters and the superb cuisine are a blessing in disguise for visitors.

Baa Atoll

The UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll is a unique place for research, conservation and development. Tour the luxurious Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort located in the Baa Atoll.

This island is renowned for its exceptionally beautiful flora, pristine beach and palm trees. A chance to witness whale sharks draws a lot of curious visitors here. One can practice various activities like snorkeling and diving in this lush tropical paradise.

Fun Island

Picturesque settings of the Fun Island are an amalgamation of sun, sand and exceptional fun. Serene Beaches, a vast lagoon, aquamarine and turquoise are hallmarks of this fascinating place.

Sport enthusiasts wouldn’t be disappointed as they can enjoy activities like Snooker/Billiard, Beach Volleyball and Table Tennis. It’s also an excellent place for several water sports such as windsurfing, catamaran sailing and banana riding.

Kandooma Island

Kandooma Island is a supreme tropical isle whose beauty is complemented by amazing azure skies, scintillating marine biodiversity and astounding panorama. Its name is influenced after the Kandoo tree found in plenitude on the island.

Presence of numerous dive sites juxtaposed near the isle makes it a divers’ paradise. Activities such as snorkeling, swimming and surfing can also be carried here.

Rihiveli Beach Resort

Welcome to Rihiveli Beach Resort renowned for virgin beaches and breathtaking beauty. The island paradise is a great base for different sporting activities such as sailing, island-hopping, water-skiing, night snorkeling, surfing, etc.


The panoramic island of Nalaguraidhoo is famed for its supreme greenery, shimmering white sand and surrounding crystal clear waters. The purity of the beaches offers it a glamorous setting.

Sun Island, based within Nalaguraidhoo has carved a niche in the tourist calendar due to its blue sapphire lagoons and dense tropical vegetation.

List of Maldives Resorts

Total Numbers : (12) Resort(s)

Conrad Rangali Island Maldives

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Luxury

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Region : Baa Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic

Fun Island Resort

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Dive Resort,Families,Long Stay Ambiance : Romantic ,Casual,Family

Iru Fushi Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : Noonu Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations,Dive Resort,Water Sport Ambiance : Romantic ,Luxury,Casual

Kandooma Maldives

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,Families Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Rustic,Casual,Family

Rihiveli Beach Resort Maldives

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Wave Surfing,Dive Resort Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Rustic,Casual,Family

Centara Grand Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : South Male Atoll Recommended : Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Casual,Family

Angsana Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : North Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations,Dive Resort Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Luxury

Kuredu Island Resort Maldives

Region : Lhaviyani Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Honeymooners ,spa & relaxations,Long Stay Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic

Sheraton Resort and Spa Maldives

Region : North Male Atoll Recommended : Honeymooners ,Luxury Holidays,spa & relaxations,Dive Resort,Water Sport,Families,Meeting & Conferences Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Luxury,Family

Sun Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : South Ari Atoll Recommended : Honeymooners ,Business Stay,Water Sport,Families,Long Stay,Meeting & Conferences Ambiance : Quiet ,Romantic ,Casual,Family

Paradise Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Region : North Male Atoll Recommended : Beach ,Luxury Holidays,Business Stay,Families Ambiance : Quiet ,Business