Cuisine of Bhutan

Bhutanese cuisine is highly influenced by its Tibetan counterpart. It involves large amounts of non vegetarian food such as ox, chicken, beef and other protein stuff. Wheat noodles are also favored by the populace.

Hot chillies, fats and proteins are used consistently in Bhutanese diet. The daily meal involves rice, cheese, chillies, various vegetables, beef, mutton, poultry and fish.

Winter season witnesses a flurry of soups, stews of meat, rice, ferns, lentils, dried vegetables, cheese and chillies. An interesting dish served regularly involves hot peppers along with spiced cheese sauce. Fruits, vegetables and apples abound in the land.

Yaks are reared in the highlands and their products are vastly popular. Tibetan butter tea, Bhutanese tea or souze, local rice wine, beer, butter, sugar, golden raisins and saffron are favorites of the Bhutanese people.

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