Cuisine of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s cuisine mainly consist of boiled and steamed rice served with curries. Rice is mainly consumed daily which is served with spicy curries in lunch and dinner. A well-known rice dish is ‘Kiribath’ which means ‘milk rice’.

Curries in Sri Lanka are not just limited to meat- or fish-based dishes, there are also vegetable and even fruit curries. A typical Sri Lankan meal consists of a "main curry" (fish, chicken, beef, pork or mutton), as well as several other curries made with vegetable and lentils.

A very popular alcoholic drink is toddy, made from palm tree sap. Arrack is the de-facto distilled national drink.

Coconut sambol is also one of the most important dish if the Sri Lankans. It is made from the ground coconut mixed with chillies, dried Maldive fish and lime juice. In addition to sambols, Sri Lankans eat "mallung", chopped leaves mixed with grated coconut and red onions. Coconut milk is found in most Sri Lankan dishes to give the cuisine its unique flavour.

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